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Mission Statement:

While under the current leadership, this Association will be addressing three areas of concern.
The first and foremost concern will be to maintain the common areas of our neighborhood, Alluvium Woods.
The three common areas listed below will be managed to maintain their current level of appearance and improved upon if funding provides.
The second area of concern will be to increase homeowner contribution support to a majority and then maintain that level of support significantly above 50%.
Thirdly, the Association will advocate, but not financially support, strengthening the socially unity of the neighborhood.
Lastly, this is a "Voluntary" Association that will never become mandatory.
Furthermore, we will never be addressing individual residential issues.

Areas Maintained

Las Brisas Blvd. Entrance
Courtland Drive Entrance
Berkshire Drive Entrance

You can Click on link below to see our detailed Annual Multi-Phase Budget.
2018-19 Master Plan and Budget

Contribution Information
Asking $75 per year for each household. Contribution Form
If you can not afford that, then please send whatever you can.    Please remember that this contributes directly to you property values.
Please make Checks or Money Orders Payable to: Alluvium Woods Voluntary Homeowners Assoc. And Please Deliver
Mail Payments to:
6 Martindale Drive
Voorhees, NJ 08043

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Email Mailing List

Please provide your Email Address so that we can periodically contact you with important issues.
We absolutely will Not pass your email address on to anyone else. This will save us all a lot of money in US Postal mailing costs.
Email address (required):
Any comments you have are greatly appreciated:

Thank you for your interest and support!

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Voorhees Township, Voorhees Township Police, and other local Municipalities.
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Archived Documents

Contribution Form
A.W.V.H.A. Meeting Minutes May 2012
1st Donation Request April 2012
2nd Donation Request June 2012
3rd Donation Request October 2012
1st Donation Request April 2013
Budget for 2012-2013
Budget for 2013-2014
Budget for 2014-2015
Budget for 2015-2016
Budget for 2016-2017
Budget for 2017-2018
Accounting Spreadsheet 2012-13
Accounting Spreadsheet 2013-14
Accounting Spreadsheet 2014-15
Accounting Spreadsheet 2015-16
Accounting Spreadsheet 2016-17
Accounting Spreadsheet 2017-18
Contributors 2012-13
Contributors 2013-14
Contributors 2014-15
Contributors 2015-16
Contributors 2016-17
Contributors 2017-18

Fox & Roach,
Barbara Fink

Barb Cell: 856-261-0961
Office: 856-810-5326
Fax: 856-988-0206
#1 in Alluvium home sales in: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Barb is a Full-time Realtor with expert knowledge of Alluvium Woods.
Barbara will contribute $25 to The Alluvium Woods V.H.A. for each property that she sells in Alluvium Woods.

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Questions and Answers

How do people want to spend the money collected by the association?
In other words, should we be conservative and try to stretch the money out as far as it can go and just keep the entrances clean and maintained
or should we collect as much as possible and spend as much as possible to use up all of the money that comes in and then next year collect more?
I personally think that it is worth $75 per year to spend it all and make the entrances look as nice as possible and then collect again next year.
I think that keeping the asking rate as low as possible encourages more people to donate.
So far, most residents have agreed with this approach.
But I also want to respect the opinions of others as well and try to find common ground for all of us so please give me your feedback and thoughts..

Is there an Association Committee?
There is an association committee with several seats. I encourage anyone who is interested, to contact me to participate.

Are there going to be any improvements to the Berkshire Entrance?
It would be nice to see some improvements on that entrance. However, that is going to directly depend on the financial support that comes in from that area of the neighborhood. If there is strong support over that way, then yes. We have added a solar powered entrance sign light to light the Entrance Sign up at night. We have also re-painted the entrance sign and so far have spent more money on that entrance than collected from the homeowners in that area of the neighborhood.

Did Gene Cohen turn over his books to you?
No, Gene did not turn over any accounting books to me. He said that he had books. Honestly, I don't care about his books. I contributed myself every year anyway because I thought that the entrances looked great and it was worth a $90 contribution to me. $90 is nothing next to a $14,000 per year property tax bill and it helps preserve my declining property value. Gene did turn over the remaining funds the he had and going forward, there will always be open books for anyone to view.

Will we be seeking bids for landscaping services?
At some point I am sure that we will need to use a landscaping service. At that point, I will look for at least 3 bids. One would probably be John Graver who has been doing a lot of the entrance work. I am currently looking into less expensive options then hiring a landscaper in order to perform most of the routine maintenance. If anyone can recommend a reliable landscaper, please let me know. We are now using Sotelo Landscaping to do the Spring Mulch and some other work regularly. His pricing is extremely reasonable.

Do By Laws exist for the Association? If so, would you please post the By Laws.
Yes, there are By Laws. There is a set of Incorporation Books along with a Corporate Seal, and Gene turned those over to me. The By Laws are rather expansive and unless there are a lot of people asking for them, I do not think that they are worth the effort to post. I am very flexible and sociable, so anyone is welcome to visit with me to review the By Laws and Corporate books. Also, I did check with the State of NJ and the Federal Government to make sure that incorporation is up to date, registered the way it should be, and that there is a Federal EIN for this Association. All of those are in place and I have been paying the Annual Filing fee.

Did Gene give any indication as to the number or percentage of residents contributing?
Gene provided me with a hand written list of people who contributed last year. He felt that it was usually the same people every year. I am looking for feedback from those people who were not contributing in the past. I want to find out why, at this point and going forward, that they would not want to contribute to something that they clearly benefit from. If there are reasonable issues, then I want to address them. However, I suppose that there are always going to be people who find an excuse or reason to not help out. Hopefully most homeowners will join us with their support and contribute.

Are you concerned about neighborhood involvement? Would it be possible to have a group meeting to get people involved so they can have a voice?
We are hoping that a more modern approach will initiate more involvement. But honestly, there is only so much that one can do to motivate people. That will take the efforts of many and not just one individual. I hope that the more concerned homeowners will somehow communicate with their immediate neighbors and encourage them to contribute as well. If anyone is interested in hosting or having an open meeting, I will certainly go along with that at any time and as often as desired. We have started the website for people to communicate with and be able to have a voice. There is also a facebook page for people to communicate with. In the mean time, everyone has a voice and a line of communication directly to me. I will respond to everyone and I will continue to post Questions and Answers for everyone to review and comment on.


Special Message

If you have all ready contributed, please communicate with your immediate neighbors to urge them to also contribute.
There are several cases so far where this has worked to boost our neighborhood contribution rate.
Thank you all for your efforts. You can make a difference.

Customized Contribution Flyers

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